Real-Time GeoSpatial Car Dealership Lot Management

Integrated GPS solution with GeoSpatial software to provide auto dealers with real-time vehicle locations and life cycle information.

General Overview

Time is money, and in a competitive environment like at the car dealership every last second counts. No more running around aimlessly looking for that car for a test drive only to find out the porter parked it out back. We are here to make the sales staffs lives easier so that they can focus on what is most important – customer satisfaction. Our technology can help the managers track total automobile life cycle automatically so that they are able to make educated decisions instead of the typical “shoot from the hip” mentality.

  • Custom GeoTagging and mapping allows each car to be located on the lot in real-time
  • Algorithms allow the implementation of auto rotation protocols to increase visibility and reduce turn-around time
  • Marked territories can automatically updated the database to correspond with life cycle triggers i.e. service, detail, on the lot, etc.
  • Receive notifications if inventory leaves the lot when unapproved deterring theft and misconduct.  
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